BBC ride in to help West Lea School

Staff from BBC Team Worldwide visited West Lea School in late November, repairing a wide range of bicycles for the school’s Bike Club.
West Lea School focuses on supporting children aged 4 to 18 with special needs to become independent by developing skills for life. For some of them, this includes being able to travel to and from school by bike.
Bike Club happens every day during lunch time and once a week after school. Although the school has had some support with maintenance, gradually many of the bikes became unusable.
Luckily, they managed to get help from 15 BBC Worldwide staff, who fixed and cleaned over 30 bikes. Karen Mackenzie, Head of Business Analysis for Global Operations Technology at BBC Worldwide said: “It’s a bit of a departure from our day job but the team has worked really hard and it was great to see the students enjoying themselves riding around the playground at the end of the day.”
Carmel Fox, Associate Head Teacher said: “More bikes means more children having fun and in time becoming trained enough to travel by bike. In addition, students enjoy learning to ride safely and have fun whilst also developing a healthy lifestyle.”
The school wants to extend the bike club to as many of its students as possible. Carmel Fox told us “We are always looking for new bikes that suit the children’s needs and welcome donations. We would especially love to have some bikes which would enable our students who use wheelchairs to join in.”
BBC Worldwide is a commercial arm of the BBC. Over the last year, the team has contributed time and skills across the globe to over 50 schools and community organisations, ranging from those that work with children, older people, those less fortunate than us, animals and the environment.