St Anne’s celebrates 100% pass rate

St Anne’s Catholic School for girls celebrated exceptional A level results this year. The school is one of the six Enfield schools to achieve 100% pass rate, an exciting improvement from last year.

The Succeed team visited St Anne’s for results day to find out more about what some of the students are doing next.

Katie Bonner is going to study History at Cambridge University after achieving three A*s in History, Geography and English Literature. “My experience at St Anne’s has been brilliant. It really does feel like a home. The girls really support each other, and that kind of mutual encouragement creates a really positive environment.”

Melissa Duarte completed her A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and History, achieving the grades she needed to meet her offer to study at University of Birmingham. She is hoping to graduate to be a doctor and work abroad. “My advice for students doing their A Levels is to start your exam preparation really early and do as many past papers as possible. If you can understand how to answer a question, you’ll get the marks you need.”

Kalifa Etienne achieved an A* in Art, A in English Literature and B in Photography. “I’m most proud of my grade in Photography because it was a really self-guided course and I was the only student doing Photography in my school.” She is not sure what she wants to do in the long-term future, but she is planning to go to university.

Georgia Sklinidjis is heading to the University of Birmingham to study History. She achieved three As in Sociology, History and Philosophy and Ethics. She is really proud of her History results as she was not expecting to get an A and History has always been her favourite subject. “The advice I would give to somebody starting Sixth Form in September would be just power through, keep going, work hard. I know it’s really hard, but once you’ve done it, the relief it’s amazing and it’s all worth it.”

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